Activated Carbon-සක්‍රීය කල කාබන් (60 Capsules) | Herbal.LK

Activated Carbon-සක්‍රීය කල කාබන් (60 Capsules)
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සක්‍රීය කල කාබන් මගින්,

විෂ රසායනික ද්‍රව්‍ය ඉවත් කරයි.
අමාශයේ එකතු වන වායුන් ඉවත් කරයි.
අහාර මාර්ගික සෞඛ්‍ය වැඩි කරයි.

100% Organic natural Activated carbon is made from coconut shells (Cocos nucifera) as raw materials. These are activated by processing at high temperatures.As a natural detoxifier, Activated carbon can be used to treat emergency poisonings due to drug overdoses. Also, it can improve your kidney functions as well. With the addition of activated carbon to tooth brushing, it helps to whiten your tooth and further removes germs in your mouth. The trick of Activated Carbon is that its negatively charged porous texture has the ability to absorb all the negatively charged toxin chemicals and gases in your gut. Then those are cleared away as feces out of your body because Activated Carbon is not absorbed by your body.

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