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Sath Dharanee
Sath Dharanee – Immunity Booster (20 Instant herbal Tea Bags)
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Sath Dharanee - a Sri Lankan indigenous medicine in a convenient instant herbal tea bag, to boost immunity against Covid 19 and other viruses.

Sath Dharanee is a smart solution , especially created to boost immunity that helps fight against viral infections this effective anti-viral composition is made using a time-tested recipe of “hela” (Traditional sinhala) Medicine. Sath Dharanee is also ideal for gargling during tonsillitis

Sath Dharanee instant herbal tea evolved as a result of a generous effort by veteran Herbal Plant Scientist Prof. Piyal Marasinghe and Doctor in Hela/Ayurveda Medicine, renowned Alchemist, Panditha Seewali Bandara, DA, BA, MA to help combat COVID 19. These two veterans brought in their wealth of expertise backed by years of research, knowledge, experience and insights to innovate this unique composition.
Sath Dharanee instant herbal tea bags were initially manufactured and donated to vulnerable essential service sector such as the medical sector and the Armed Forces in Sri Lanka. The positive feedback we have received from those who have consumed it is a true testament to the high level of efficacy Sath Dharanee is capable in safeguarding against virus infections. Sath Dharanee, hygienically manufactured using only organic ingredients, conforming to international standards is an ideal afternoon drink to boost immunity in your system with zero side effects.

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